The Company bases its structure on those of the European embroiderers’ guilds of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, with officers and a formal set of ranks.

We have three Officers, assisted by one or more Wardens.


Guildmaster: The Honourable Baroness Magnifica Ceara Shionnach

The Guildmaster (who may be male or female, in keeping with period practice) guides the company in practical matters and is the ceremonial head of the guild. The Guildmaster is elected by the Masters of the Guild from within their ranks.

Patron: Currently Vacant

The Patron sponsors the activities of the Company, providing prizes for the quarterly competitions and the championship. The Patron must have an interest in fostering needlework in Lochac and a willingness to support this in a practical manner, and is selected from within the ranks of Lochac’s royal peerage.

Champion: Mistress Fionn O’Mara (2023)

The Champion is the premier of the Company, selected by the Guildmaster on the quality of their work during the previous year, especially work submitted as entries in the Company’s series of annual competitions.


Wardens coordinate embroidery in their local groups, or take on specific tasks for the company.

Mistress Muirghein ni Ghrainne is the current warden for Presentations, coordinating the Royal Gifts made for each reign.


The Company is structured with three ranks, to which any member of the Company may aspire: Apprentice (apprendre – “to learn”); Journeyman (journe – “day” – originally men hired to work by the day) and Master.

  • Masters have presented 5 works in different techniques at master level, or been recognised by the Order of the Laurel for embroidery.
  • Journeyman have presented 3 works in different techniques at journeyman level.
  • Apprentices have presented a single work at apprentice level.

For details, see the Company Ordinances.

Ranks may be updated throughout the year, but are formally recognised at the Guilds Event each year, where new apprentices, journeymen and masters are officially declared.

The Company includes many other non-ranked embroiders of all levels of skill and experience. Although they have not submitted their work to the Masters and are not listed here, many of these gentles are nevertheless very active members of the Company. You will see some of their names appearing in pages on competitions, presentations, projects, and other works.

SCA NameCanon lore linkGuild rankingGraded piecesActivity
Rowan Perigrynne Blackwork cap, Viking woolwork cuffs, Kingdom kneeling carpet, LOG pouch designs, Pattern darned girdle

Journey: Cross stitch coif
Former Guildmaster, former Patron, former Champion

Royal presentations: Viking woolwork cuffs (Alfar and Liadan), Applique hanging (Cornelius and Morwenna), Hennin (Elizabeth de Foxle)
Keridwen the Mouse Couched silverwork, Split stitch napkins, Beadwork dress coif & doublet, Blackwork favour pincushion & shirtsFormer Guildmaster, former Patron

Royal presentations: Split stitch napkins (Vladimir and Huriwa 1999), Beaded henin (Cornelius and Morwynna 2003), Elizabethan cushion (Berengar I), Merovingian pouches (Theuderic and Engelin I), Purse (Kinggiyadai I)
Acacia de Navarra Split stitch favour, Bayeux work hanging

Journey: German counted thread pouch, Longarm crossstitch handtowel
Royal presentations: Cross stitch towel (Boris and Constance 2001)
Vittoria del Fiore presentations: Applique cushions (Gawayne and Yve 2002)
Contarina la Bianca Intarsia LOG pouch, Heraldic surcoat & banners, Blackwork cap

Journey: Blackwork handkerchief, Beaded Byzantine dress, Stumpwork casket
Royal presentations: Blackwork cap
Leonie de Grey presentations: Aedward Blackwork cuff
Ceara Shionnach Lute pouch, Sweete bag, goldwork cushions, blackwork collars, Perugian towelCurrent Guildmaster, former champion
Katherine Stewart Laid and couch work badge (2024)
Raegan of Lunihawk Kievan Rus 11-13th century gold couching headwear (2024)
Mathilda de Villiers Laid and couch work on headwear (2024)
Magnus Bjarki Gold and silver favour (2024)
Mildryth Thomaswyf Split stitch badge (2024)
Aliena de Savigny Elizabethan blackwork shirt (2024)

Journey: Frisian headwear with plaited braid stitches (2024)
Caitríona Ruadh inghean Bhriain Pair of applique and couched heraldic banners (2024)
Muirghein ni Ghrainne 16th century English cushion (2024), Silk garters for Rowland (2024), Metalwork hawk badge

Journey: Split stitch favour, Couched cloak
Mishto (formerly Urraquoa)ApprenticeJourney: Norse apron embroidered with image from picture stone in Poland (2024), Smokkr with herringbone seam treatments (2024)
Ástríðr in valsgerska Embroidered dragon collar (2024)