The Company holds four competitions each year, to encourage members to explore and excel at new styles of embroidery. Entries are judged on design, technique, documentation, use of sources, use of materials and appropriateness for the time, country and style of the piece.

The competitions run on the Society year, with the winner announced at each Rowany Festival at Easter. The Company member with the highest overall score throughout the year becomes the Company Champion for the year following and receives a prize from our Patron.

Competitions are run in accordance with our Ordinances (section 4). There is no minimum number of entries for the competition

  • ‘Works in progress’ may be entered
  • All entries should include a completed Entry Form
  • Entries are judged according to set criteria, which are also detailed on the Judging Form
  • Physical entries are preferred, so that these can be displayed and admired at the event, but online entries are permitted (contact the Guildmaster.)
  • Documentation is not required for competitions, but entries which include it will score higher (it accounts for 20% of the mark)
  • You may request a formal grading on any competition entry (completed items only).

Upcoming competitions

The Company likes to set competitions at least a year in advance, to give people time to work on their projects.

Upcoming Competitions….

Autumn Crown, March 2024Below the Waist (hose, garters, aprons, shoes….)
Autumn Coronation 2024Splitstitch & Stemstitch (either or both)
Spring Crown 2024From the Sea
Summer Coronation 2024Pattern darning

Past competitions

The Company has held quarterly competitions since 1998. Details of topics, winners and champions are available at Competitions – past.