Viscountess Mistress Rowan Perigrynne (Robyn Spencer)


Count Henri de Montferrant (Josh Lehmann)


Mistress Leoba of Lecelade  (Christine Lawrie)


The Company runs a very active Facebook group, with discussions about current projects, competitions, presentations and classes. It is also an excellent place to ask questions and show embroidery works in progress and completed.
This is a closed group – please answer the group questions to request access.

Email List

The Company ran an active weblist for many years, but with the changes in technology, this has been replaced by the Facebook page detailed above.

Local contacts

Wherever you are within the Kingdom of Lochac, the following people will provide a local contact to give you any help you may need with embroidery.

GroupGeographical AreaContact
Barony of AnealaPerth (and Western Australia)Mistress Leonie de Gray
Shire of Dismal FogsBlue Mountains NSWMistress Danielis de Luna
Barony of InnilgardAdelaide (and South Australia)The Honourable Lady Fionn O’Mara
Barony of MordenvaleNewcastle NSW (and North Coast)Mistress Leoba of Lecelade
Barony of StormholdCentral/Western Melbourne (and western Victoria)The Honorable Baroness Miriam bat Shimeon
Barony of Ynys FawrHobart (and Tasmania)Baroness Anna Felice Tavestoche