Badge of the Lochac Company of Archers

The Lochac Company of Archers recognises those archers of the Kingdom who practice, teach and encourage excellence in archery. There are currently about 25 members in the order. Members wear a single white glove in their belts, with a pewter badge depicting a bunch of arrows. In the past, the badge has been a copy of an extant medieval one. However, this badge is commercially available and so is not specific to the Lochac Company.

In 2020, the Company registered a unique badge: “On a mullet of six points gules a sheaf of five arrows argent“. The depiction of the arrows includes both sharp points for target archers and blunts for combat archers.

The Worshipful Company of Broderers of Lochac has embarked on a project to create embroidered badges for the Company of Archers, to be sewn on their white gloves as the symbol of the Order. The badge is worked in fine silver, couched down with silk thread onto a red velveteen ground fabric, with the arrowheads in silver spangles and purl. Mistress Rowan has prepared kits, with donated materials, and work is underway on this project.


The gallery below shows the completed badges.

Archer - Anna Sabina
Lady Anne Sabina Schmidt
Archer - Ceara
Mistress Ceara Shionnach
Archer - Jeneur
Lady Jeneur le Geline
Archer - Kamara
Lady Kamara Skleraina
Archer - Katerina of Rowany
Lady Katerina of Rowany
Archer - Kathelyne
Lady Kathelyne Berghart
Archer - Keridwen
Mistress Keridwen the Mouse
Archer - Lianor dos Cavalos
Lady Lianor dos Cavalos
Archer - Miriam bat Simeon
Baroness Miriam bat Shimeon
Archer - Nicola de Coventre
Lady Nicola de Coventre
Archer - Rosalind
Lady Rosalind Beaufort
Archer - Symmone
Lady Symmone de la Croix
Alida Hazelgrove
Jean Drummond
Lady Leonor de Alcocer
Mistress Thomasina Coke