One of the key activities of the Company is group projects, which can be worked on by our members in their various locations across this Kingdom, and brought together to form a great whole.

Our move to Kingdom was the driving force behind the first two such projects – the Investiture Cloaks and the Royal Carpet – and many others have followed in the years since. A summary of current and past projects is given below in reverse order, with links to more detailed articles.

Badge of the Lochac Company of Archers

Archers badges

2020 and ongoing. The Lochac Company of Archers was created by King Alfar and Queen Elspeth to recognise those archers of Lochac who practice, teach and encourage excellent in archery. There are currently about 25 members in the order.

For many years, the Company of Archers had used a pewter mount on their gloves, but recently registered a unique badge for the Order. To suppoer this noble Order, the Worshipful Company of Broderers  embarked on a project to create hand embroidered badges depicting their newly registered badge, to be sewn onto the gloves presented to members of the Order at their elevation.

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Hero Cloaks

2015-ongoing. Duchess Eva von Danzig instigated the Lochac Hero Cloaks, based on the tradition of the An Tir War Cloak and presented the first Hero Cloak at Rowany Festival in 2015. Each year, a different Barony makes a new Hero Cloak to present at Festival. The council of Baronages decide who will create and present the Hero Cloak for the following year.

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Gold wreath sewn on a green background

Laurel Cloak

2012 – 2020. Following the success of the Pelican cloak, the Order of the Laurel determined to replace their own ceremonial cloak and held a design competition in mid 2012. The winning design by Mistress Rowan Perigrynne features medallions depicting the various arts and crafts of the Order.

The cloak was worked by the members of the Company and the Order of the Laurel. As with the Pelican cloak, the project was funded by the Rowany Festival Fighter Auction Fund.

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Embroidered pelican

Pelican Cloak

2009 and ongoing. Lochac had ceremonial cloak to invest new members of the Order of the Pelican, but after many years of use, this cloak was showing its age. Mistress Rowan Perigrynne designed a new cloak, based on period examples and featuring the devices of all the members of the Order. The cloak project has been coordinated by the Company, with pieces worked by the members of the Company, the Order of the Pelican and other willing hands. The project was funded by the Rowany Festival Fighter Auction fund.

The Pelican cloak displayed approximately 100 devices when it was first constructed in 2009. New devices are added with each new peer – the cloak now supports over 250 individual devices.

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Portion of Company banner

Company Banner

2009 and ongoing. The Medieval Livery Companies had many ceremonial articles to proclaim their status, wealth and importance, including funeral palls, banners – even barges. The Worshipful Company of Broderers has completed such a banner, based on period examples, worked by the members of the Company in pieces and assembled into a suitably grandiose whole. The banner was designed by Mistress Rowan Perigrynne, based on a mid-15th c example.

Members of the Company who have had work graded and have a registered device may work their device to add to the banner.

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Mouseguard pouch

Mouse Guard Pouches

2006 and ongoing. This award was established when Lochac was a Principality, and was retained when we became a Kingdom in our own right. It is given to those amongst those very young subjects that Their Majesties find have been of help to others and otherwise worthy of recognition.

The token of the award is a pouch, bearing the reversed charge from the device of Her Excellency Mistress Keredwin the Mouse, who instigated the Mouse Guard. For many years, the Worshipful Company of Broderers has made suitable robust pouches, so that these may given out in each reign.


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Display of pouches

LoG Pouches

2003 and ongoing. The Lochac Order of Grace (LoG) is given once per reign to those who display unusual courtesy.  The members of the Order are given a purse depicting the device of the Order, depicting a leaping deer with stars.

The Company has an ongoing project to create embroidered LoG pouches for past and future recipients, in a variety of styles. 

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Embroidery with crown and laurel wreath

Royal Cloaks

Completed 2002. The pair of cloaks for the Investiture of our first King and Queen were designed by Master Bartolomeo Agazzari and worked by the Worshipful Company of Broderers.  The finished cloaks have a solid 10cm band of fine tent stitch in silk on linen, showing symbols of Royalty and the Peerage Orders.  It was worked in 52 pieces and took over 1000 hours to complete.

Renovated 2017. The cloaks fell into disuse as they were very heavy, having been made for use in Midwinter. A new project was undertaken to update the cloaks with light silk brocade and to add include the badge of the new Peerage Order – the Master of Arms. The renovation was funded by the Rowany Festival Fighter Auction fund.

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Section of carpet

Royal Carpet

Completed 2002. The royal kneeling carpet for the Investiture of our first King and Queen was designed by Mistress Rowan Perigrynne and worked by the Worshipful Company of Broderers and friends.  The finished carpet is about 1m by 2m, worked in heavy wool cross stitch on canvas.  The carpet was made in 32 pieces and took approx 350 hours to complete.

This project has inspired carpets made by other groups, including the Baronies of Rowany, Stormhold and Politarchopolis.

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