Previous competitions, winners and Champions are listed here. Details of our current and future competitions are listed on the main Competitions page.

AS LVIV (2024)

Champion – To be determined

Photo of winning pieceEventCompetitionWinners
No entriesAutumn Crown March 2024Below the Waist (hose, garters, aprons, shoes….)No entries
Autumn Coronation May 2024Splitstitch & Stemstitch (either or both)
Spring Crown September 2024From the Sea
Spring Coronation November 2024Pattern darning

AS LVIII (2023)

Champion – Mistress Fionn O’Mara

 Autumn Crown
March 2023
Around the NeckMistress Antonio – Italian partlet in counted work
 Autumn Coronation
May 2023
Rainbows (real or interpreted)Mistress Fionn O’Mara – Rainbow coif (unfinished)
 Spring Crown
Sept 2023
UnFinished Object (UFO)Mistress Fionn O’Mara – Italian embroidered pocket
 Spring Coronation
Nov 2023
Brickstitch – any formNo entries

 AS LVII (2022)

Champion – Mistress Fionn O’Mara

 Autumn Crown
March 2022
HeadwearMistress Fionn O’Mara – Elizabethan Coif
 Autumn Coronation
May 2022
Plaited and BraidedMistress Aliena de Savigny – 6-7th century Frisian woman’s headdress
 Spring Crown
Sept 2022
From the GardenMistress Fionn O’Mara – Elizabethan coif with leaves
 Spring Coronation
Nov 2022
BrickstitchMistress Fionn O’Mara – sample rondel for a Coptic tunic


AS LVI (2021)

Champion – Baroness Miriam bat Shimeon

Embroidered purseAutumn Crown
13-14 March 2021
Purses and pouchesBaroness Miriam bat Shimeon – 12thc Seljuk LOG pouch
Wool hood with embroideryAutumn Coronation
1-2 May 2021
Woolwork (any style)Baroness Miriam bat Shimeon – Anglo-Saxon hood
Linen tunic with embroiderySpring Crown
11-12 Sept 2021
Birds and bees – any techniqueBaroness Miriam bat Shimeon – Mamluk tunic
Canvaswork embroidery of griffinSpring Coronation
13-14 Nov 2021
CanvasworkMistress Murghein ni Grainne – Slip for cushion

AS LV (2020)

Champion: To be announced

  Event Competition Winners
Embroidered pot cover Autumn Crown – 22-24 May 2020 Household item (any technique) Master John of the Hills – Embroidered Pot cover
Blackwork shirt Midwinter – 10-12 July 2020 Blackwork (any type, can document alternate colour) Mistress Aliena de Savigny – Blackwork shirt
Hood with cat embroidery Spring Crown – 14-15 Nov 2020 Cats great and small (any technique) Lady Frances Affrica Ray – Cat hood
  12th Night – Jan 2021 Whitework (including drawn thread) No entries

AS XLXIII (2019 – 2020)

Champion: To be announced

Intarsia coverlet
Perugian towel
May Crown 2019Birth, death & marriageTie: Mistress Marienna Jensdatter – intarsia coverlet
& Mistress Ceara Shionnach – faux Perugian towel
Smocked half-apronMidwinter 2019SmockingMistress Rowan Perigrynne – German apron
November Crown 2019FruitNo entries
Twelfth Night 2020Embroidered Book coverNo entries

AS XLXII (2018 – 2019)

Champion: Mistress Rowan Perigrynne

Viking hoodMay Crown 2018Decorative Seam FinishesLady Elisabet Volckamer – Skjoldenhamm hood
Long-armed cross stitch SteuchleinMidwinter 2018Long-armed cross stitchWinner: Mistress Rowan Perigrynne – Steuchlein
Place: Lady Mathilda de Villiers – Mamluk needlecase
Embroidered pouchNovember Crown 2018HuntingWinner: Mistress Aveline Goupil – 14th c French alms purse
Place: Lady Elisabet Volckamer – Viking inspired pouch
Twelfth Night 2019Embroidered Book coverNo entries

AS XLXI (2017 – 2018)

Champion: Miriam bat Shimeon

Fionn - Elizabethan blackwork coifMay Crown 2017FlowersBaroness Fionnabhair ingean ui Mheadhra – blackwork coif
Mamluk lionMidwinter 2017MetalworkBaroness Miriam bat Shimeon – gold and silk lion
Norse workbasketNovember Crown 2017Period Sewing KitMistress Alienya de Sauvigny – Viking era workbasket
Mamluk samplerTwelfth Night 2018Working samplerBaroness Miriam bat Shimeon – Mamluk sampler

AS XLX (2016 – 2017)

Champion: Miriam bat Shimeon

Bayeux work bunnyMay Crown 2016Bayeux workWinner: Lady Miriam bat Shimeon
Place: Lord Edgard Kala
Estonian headdressMidwinter 2016BeadworkWinner: Baroness Ceara Shionnach – Estonian headdress
Place: Mistress Kiriel du Papillion
 November Crown 2016HeraldicLord Edgard Kala – embroidered favour
Splitstitch tunicTwelfth Night 2017SplitstitchWinner: Lady Miriam bat Shimeon – Splitstitch tunic
Place: Serena

AS XLX (2015 – 2016)

Champion: Mistress Keridwen the Mouse

Voided dragonMay Crown 2015Voided workMistress Keridwen the Mouse – Voided dragon
Pattern darned samplerMidwinter 2015Pattern darningMistress Keridwen the Mouse – Pattern darned sampler
Applique with mouseNovember Crown 2015AppliqueMistress Keridwen the Mouse – Applique pouch
Drawn thread towelTwelfth Night 2016Drawn threadMistress Keridwen the Mouse – Drawn thread towel

AS XLIX (2014 – 2015)

Champion: Lady Caera O’Shionnach

Blackwork collarMay Crown 2014Recently CompletedBaroness Ceara Shionnach – blackwork collar
Midwinter 2014Couched and laid workMistress Keridwen the Mouse
Blackwork coifNovember Crown 2014Blackwork (any style)Winner: Mistress Hunydd verch Maddyn Duy – blackwork coif
Places: Mistress Aliena de Savigny, Mistress Keridwen the Mouse
Goldwork pouchTwelfth Night 2015Birds (any technique)Winner: Baroness Ceara Shionnach – goldwork ‘lute shaped’ pouch
Place: Mistress Keridwen the Mouse – Mamluk towel

AS XLVIII (2013 – 2014)

Although competitions were set for the year (Goldwork, Plain sewing, German pictorial woolwork and Assisi work), no competitions were held.
There was no champion this year.

AS XLVII (2012 – 2013)

Champion: Rowan Perigrynne

May Crown 2012No competitionNo entries
Midwinter 2012Design: Laurel CloakMistress Rowan Perigrynne –
cloak based on the Star Mantle of Heinrich II
November Crown 2012AppliqueNo entries
Smocked apronTwelfth Night 2013Embroidered ApronsMistress Rowan Perigrynne – smocked German apron

AS XLVI (2011 – 2012)

Champion: Mistress Hunydd verch Madyn Duy

Long-armed cross stitch towelMay Crown 2011Household items – towels, aprons, pillows…Mistress Hunydd verch Madyn Duy –
long-armed cross-stitch towel
Midwinter 2011UnFinished ObjectsNo entries
November Crown 2011Pearled and beadedNo entries
Twelfth Night 2012Or NueNo entries

AS XLV (2010 – 2011)

Goldwork pouchMay Crown 2010LoG pouches – Original or WCoB designsBaroness Ceara Sionnach – applied goldwork pouch
Midwinter 2010Decorated underwear –
shirts, ruffs, hose, drawers…
No entries
 November Crown 2010Couched and Laid workLady Leoba of Lecelade – Ottoman work
Whitework handkerchiefTwelfth Night 2011WhiteworkLady Catalina de Gata – Lefkara handkerchie

AS XLIV (2009 – 2010)

May CrownUnfinished objectsNo entries
Blackwork hoodMidwinter 2009HeadwearLady Fionnabhair ingean ui Mheadhra –
Elizabethan blackwork hood
November Crown 2009Canvas workNo entries
Elizabethan mittenTwelfth Night 20103 dimensional embroideryLady Alliette Delacourt – Elizabethan mitten

AS XLIII (2008 – 2009)

May Crown 2008Elizabethan polychromeMistress Rowan Perigrynne – Elizabethan glove
Midwinter 2008Extremities – embroidery on hands and feetNo entries
 November Crown 2008Applique or intarsia 
 Twelfth Night 2009Pictorial theme – Hunting 

AS XLII (2007 – 2008)

Goldwork dragonMay Crown 2007Heraldic EmbroideryLady Contarina la Bianca – goldwork
Anglo-saxon collarMidwinter 2007Wool (on or with)Lady Jane Stockton – Anglo Saxon tunic
November Crown 2007Slips (including LoG design)No entries
Twelfth Night 2008Book accessoriesLady Leoba of Lecelade – Elizabethan book cover

AS XLI (2006 – 2007)

Champion: Lady Constance de Coligny

Handsewn tunicMay Crown 2006Seams and handsewingMistress Marienna Jensdattir
Klosterstitch panelMidwinter 2006Klosterstitch (Convent stitch)Lady Constance de Coligny
November Crown 2006Research paperMistress Marit the Wanderer
Twelfth Night 2007BeadingMistress Rowan Perigrynne – pearled German renaissance dress
Mistress Hunydd ferch Madyn Duy – pearled German cuff and coif

AS XL (2005 – 2006)

Champion: Lady Hunydd verch Madyn Duy

Elizabethan sweetbagMay Crown 2005Something new UnFinished ObjectsWinner: Lady Hunydd verch Madyn Duy – Elizabethan Sweetbag
Place: Lady Teffania Tuckerton – Laid gold Cingular
Brickstitch cushionMidwinter 2005German counted workLady Hunydd verch Madyn Duy – Brickstich cushion
Applique surcoatNovember Crown 2005Embroidery for abuseLady Contarina la Bianca – Heraldic surcoat
Bayeux work bunnyTwelfth Night 2006‘Broidered bunnies (based on period sources)Lady Zanobia Adimari

AS XXXIX (2004 – 2005)

Although competitions were set for the year (Something New, Embroidery on Outer Garment, Interpretation of a Specific pattern* and Assisi work), no competitions were held and there was no champion this year.

AS XXXVIII (2003 – 2004)

Champion: Lady Jane Stockton

May Crown 2003Something newWinner: Lady Jane Stockton – Brickwork sweetbag
Places: Gwir Verch Madog – blackwork coif,
Contarina La Bianca – padded goldwork
Midwinter 2003LoG Pouch
(original design or Rowan’s designs)
Winner: Lady Contarina la Bianca – Applique pouch
Place: Veronique of the Valley – Viking style pouch
November Crown 2003Voided workWinner: Lady Jane Stockton – Small Assisi Towel
Place: Sabine d’Ricold da Forli – Band for a Tranzado
Twelfth Night 2004Scandinavian embroidery – any styleLady Jane Stockton – Icelandic Cushion

AS XXXVII (2002 – 2003)

Champion: Mistress Selivia de l’Estoile

First Crown – Rowany Festival 2002Something newLady Mariana Jensdattir – Or nue panel
Midwinter 2002Islamic/Middle Eastern embroideryMistress Rowan Perigrynne – Mamluk girdle
 November Crown 2002The human figureMistress Selivia de l’Estoile – split stitch Fulda fragment
Twelfth Night 2003German Whitework(opus teutonicum)No entries

AS XXXVI (2001 – 2002)

Champion: Mistress Rowan Perigrynne

 May Coronet 2001Something newLady Leonie de Grey – Filet lace
Midwinter 2001UnderwearNo entries
November Coronet 2001HeadwearMistress Keridwen the Mouse – beaded German coif
Twelfth Night 2002Metal thread workMistress Rowan Perigrynne – Elizabethan bookcover

AS XXXV (2000-2001)

Champion: Mistress Alarice Beatrice von Thal

May Coronet 2000Research ArticleNo entries
 Midwinter 2000Elizabethan embroideryMistress Alarice Beatrix von Thal – Blackwork nightcap
 November Coronet 2000Table linen and towelsMistress Alarice Beatrix von Thal – Assisi work handtowel
Twelfth Night 2001Pre-1000 CE embroideryNo entries

AS XXXIV (1999 – 2000)

Champion: Mistress Alarice Beatrice von Thal

Brickstitch pouchMay Coronet 1999PouchesMistress Alarice Beatrix von Thal – German brickstich pouch
Couched doubletMidwinter 1999CouchingLord Bartolomeo Aggazzi – Elizabethan doublet
 November Coronet 1999Embroidery from a given designMistress Alarice Beatrix von Thal – Cross stitch pillow
Reticello lace
Burrato lace griffins
Twelfth Night 2000NeedlelaceWinner: Mistress Keridwen the Mouse – Reticello handtowel
Place: Mistress Keridwen the Mouse – Burrato griffons

AS XXXIII (1998 – 1999)

Champion not selected this first year, with only two competitions

Blackwork shirtSpring Coronet 1998Decorated shirt or chemiseMistress Keredwin the Mouse – Blackwork shirt
 Twelfth Night 1999Beadwork on materialLady Contarina la Bianca – Byzantine tunic
Lady Aeron Lassair – German Renaissance dress