Welcome to the website of the Worshipful Company of Broderers of Lochac! 

We are a craft guild that exists within the Kingdom of Lochac in the Society for Creative Anachronism. We research and practice historical embroidery techniques, with an emphasis on works from medieval, renaissance and early modern Europe (that is, pre-1600), and from the Middle East and Asia in the same period.

Within these pages you will find information about the history and purpose of our Guild, our personal projects and works we have created for the Kingdom of Lochac and its populace.  You will also find information on embroidery techniques and hopefully some inspiration to get you started on medieval and renaissance embroidery.


Red device with three gold shears between a gold chevron
Device of the Company

The Company has its origins in the former Lochac Needleworkers Guild. This guild was started by Lady Marit the Wanderer in AS XXI (1987) and was active for many years before lapsing. The Company was recreated in its new form by Mistress Bess Haddon of York and Mistress Keridwen the Mouse in AS XXXII (1998).

The Worshipful Company of Broderers of Lochac bases its structure and activities on those of the European embroiderers’ guilds of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, where this is practical and desirable. “Broderers”, “Broiderers” “Brouderers” are all variations on the term “Embroiderers”, derived from the French word broder meaning ‘to embellish’. All versions were in use during this period.

The device of the Company is in the style of those used by the London Livery Companies: Gules, a chevron cotised between three shears Or.

For more information on how the Company is organised, refer to the Structure and Ordinances.


The Company undertakes a wide range of activities, to encourage our members to explore new techniques, increase our knowledge and skill and support the Kingdom of Lochac.

  • Company projects – for the benefit of the Company or the Kingdom
  • Royal Presentations – a gift for each Crown of Lochac
  • Competitions – four competitions are held annually, at each Crown and Investiture, with a prize for the annual Champion
  • Member work – members work on projects with the Company and their own personal projects
  • Guild events – the Company holds workshops and classes at major events throughout the year.


To contact the Company or join our Facebook group, refer to Contacts.